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How do I create an app without coding?

How do I create an app without coding?


It’s possible. There are a bunch of tools out there to make apps. However, customers don’t like downloading multiple apps.

It may be a better idea to get a mini-app. Not sure which country you’re in, but if you’re in India, you can use the Goodbox App to create one. Goodbox gives businesses the ability to create a mini-app within 5 minutes. The idea behind Goodbox is to help businesses cater to their customers online easily without having to depend on an aggregator (and part with heavy commissions).

A mini-app is just like an app but doesn’t have the negatives that come with an app. Apps are expensive, time-consuming to create and manage and consumers don’t like to download multiple apps for multiple purposes. A mini-app takes 5 minutes to make and comes at 1/1000th the cost. These mini-apps are made available to consumers on the Goodbox mega app. Consumers just download the Goodbox app and then can access 1000s of mini-apps without having to download any more apps.


The mini-app comes with a chat functionality (for your customers to interact with you), a menu (for your products/services – this is optional) and an online payment gateway. So, it’s the best thing for businesses. The UI for all the mini-apps are the same, making the learning curve for customers very low.

This is a sample mini-app. The left-most screen is the welcome screen of the Goodbox app. The middle screen is the Goodbox home page with a sample mini-app. The right screen is the inside page of the mini-app of a business.

You will get an invite link when you sign up. You can invite your customers to buy from you directly and let them know that you’re now on the app. When your customer downloads your mini-app from your invite link, your mini-app will show up on the Goodbox screen automatically. If not, they can search for your mini-app and add it to their Goodbox home screen and start buying from you.

~100+ categories of businesses have used the Goodbox app to create an app. The businesses get management consoles (app + web login) to handle customer queries on their mini-app. Visit the Goodbox Global website.

Instead of telling you more about this, I invite you to check out the product here on the Goodbox website.


There are many tools available to develop mobile applications without coding. As a mobile application developer, I prefer to Configure.IT to develop an application without coding.


There are many benefits of using Configure.IT

  1. Configure.IT  is a cloud-based 100% native app development platform.
  2. The other advantage with Configure.IT is non-dependency on 3rd party – to download the code and host it anywhere.
  3. Configure.IT  is virtually providing the entire platform to try even with the free plan.
  4. Configure.IT is an online platform where you can configure entire mobile application development (without writing code) including mobile UI/UX, database, backend panel, and API.
  5. Configure.IT supports complete RDBMS features so there is no limit on data or data types or relationships.
  6. You can create and manage your data the way you want. Also, you can build a very advanced level of CMS / Backend to manage your data which you can share with your customers or users.
  7. you can connect any third party API to fetch data or you can create your own API with few clicks and configurations.
  8. if there is something that needs extra features that may not be directly feasible or you are not aware of how to do on Configure.IT then you can download NATIVE source code and then further customize it as per your requirement.
  9. You can publish apps under your market place account and host database, backend, and API on your web server and there is no relationship with Configure.IT.
  10. Configure.IT provides real-time App previewer so you can check application progress in real-time on your mobile device or show progress to your clients/stakeholders.
  11. There are many basic and advanced features available in Configure.IT like Local DB (SQLite) based application push notification, scheduling, Notification, Team Collaboration, an unlimited number of projects, support for multilingual apps, etc.

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